Alex Wade

Alex Wade Profile: Leadership:

Alex Wade

Alex Wade is a persuasive leader who inspires team commitment through infectious motivation and enthusiasm for the task at hand and a genuine willingness to lead by example. Alex delivers strong results with an inclusive leadership style. Alex is a client and people focused CEO with extensive experience managing complex environments working across all facets of financial services in multiple jurisdictions and cultures. Alex is outcome driven, with a proven track record for strategic transformation, scale leadership, effective communication, driving growth and accountability, building and transforming businesses as well as cultural change and crisis management. He has a demonstrated ability to manage multiple stakeholders; including boards, investors and shareholders, media, government and regulators.

Alex Wade reviews/testimonials:

“I worked closely with Alex as his main legal adviser and a member of his extended leadership team. Alex is a courageous, authentic and driven people leader who is deeply committed to achieving the right outcomes for clients, even when it requires having challenging conversations, and to developing and supporting his people.” Lucinda McCann: General Manager, Legal & Deputy General Counsel at Australian Prudential Regulation Authority March 15, 2021, Lucinda worked with Alex in different groups

“I’ve worked with Alex across two businesses and it was great to be led by such a client focussed individual who worked tirelessly to remove obstacles out of the way so you could succeed. We worked through some challenging environments and Alex always had my teams back and supported us when we needed him.”

Lakshman Anantakrishnan, Chief Investment Officer | Portfolio Management | Portfolio Construction
March 14, 2021, Lakshman reported directly to Alex

Alex Wade : Current Position:

Alex Wade has been a Board Member of the Financial Services Council since April 2019, and has extensive experience managing complex environments working across all facets of financial services in multiple jurisdictions and cultures. Outcome driven, with a proven track record for strategic transformation, scale leadership, effective communication.

Alex Wade Qualifications

Masters of Business and Technology

UNSW Business School

Oxford Executive Leadership Programme Field Of Study, Organizational Leadership

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Certificate, Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies

Harvard Business School

Alex Wade – ABN Number

ABN 62 756 234 647

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Alex Wade Commercial & business acumen:

P&L ownership, focused on business development and growth, with strong track record of turnaround success and crisis management.

Alex Wade Strategic Direction:

Proven ability to design, formulate and drive clear strategies through to execution across multiple businesses, while obtaining stakeholder support and endorsement.

Alex Wade Operations:

Extensive experience running end to end businesses including all operational aspects of non-front office functions e.g. operations, Technology, HR/people, finance, risk processes and culture, audit, communications, marketing etc

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